Music Producer

A truly good song sounds fantastic with simply a vocal and guitar, piano or even harmonica; while a great instrumental is all about the melody.  I start with this basic foundation and really work with the artist.  Once that is fine tuned we can begin the recording process.

Production is all about the journey and each step takes us to a new place that the previous step could not, and yet they are all related; interdependent if you will.  Arranging adds musical diversity, signal processing provides dimension and glues it together; mixing gives it cohesion. The lyrics and melodies paint the picture, I'm here to bring out the color.


Let's talk about your project.  What is your market, where is your market and how do we get there?  Once we know where we are going we can map it out, figure out a budget and get you started.


It's not all ABACAB.  Putting all the right stuff in all the right places gives music that undeniable lift.  Sometimes a new chord is all it needs.  Let me help you take your music to the next level.


Who plays what, when and how can make all the difference.  And, interweaving musical ideas with great hooks adds dimension that really sells your music.


Outstanding players take you places you never thought possible.  It's all about the perfect groove. With the right people, all of this comes together fast and keeps you on budget.


Mic selection, placement and levels make music really rock.  Knowing how to do that fast is what makes a choice engineer.  And finding the right engineer for you is what I'm here for.


Let's face it, mixing is an art.  The right mix will send your audience into the stratosphere.  Whether you have a lable or are recording an indie, I will match the ideal mixer with your budget.


Now we've got to get it out there.  We're going to need artwork, production stills, press releases, signing parties, licensing, and management.  And, most importatly, to get you your royalties.


CDs, downloads and streaming are the outlets of today and getting it to the marketplace is our focus.  Whether it is a retail outlet or internet access I can get your music to your public.

Sample Work